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    Cheryl hand pouring candles in her workshop in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley

    We see a lot of candles at HGlivingbeautifully but few are as stunning as those made by Cheryl Hook’s company themeltco.com. Hand-poured at her workshop in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley, each has a unique fragrance created especially for Melt.

    Not only do they smell divine, they look wonderful too; thick, waxy columns with a rough mottled finish in rich colours – you know just by looking at them they’ll have a long burn time (the largest will burn for at least 160 hours).

    Before establishing Melt, Cheryl had always held a passion for candles but it wasn’t until she began making them herself as gifts, and received such an overwhelming response from friends, that she realised she’d hit on something big.

    The production process is slow (each candle takes up to 36 hours) as every part is made or managed by hand – machines could never produce that glorious texture and finish.

    Creating the fragrances is also time-consuming but something that Cheryl finds inspiring. Sometimes a new fragrance is abandoned and revisited months later if it’s not working, other times, things fall into place easily. The whole process is a real labour of love.

    The Noir Collection from The Melt CompanyWhen it comes to gift-buying, some candles may risk falling into the boring category, but it’s this level of perfection and attention to detail that makes Melt stand out from the crowd. Any of its products would be a true delight to receive.

    Prices start at £7.50 for a travel tin and range up to £32.50 for one of the largest candles. HGlivingbeautifully loves the rich fragrance of Angel and the velvety spiciness of Noir, but with over 30 wonderfully scented options available, expect to spend many happy moments making your choice.

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    1. Siobhan
      November 17, 2012 at 12:24 pm

      As a lover of these candles I can HIGHLY recommend them – especially Saddle and Verbena & Clary Sage. They are in one word – stunning.

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