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    Easter-DIY-Makes-CHRISTINE-LEECH-Homes-&-Gardens-1Bring a personal touch to your home this Easter with these clever decorating ideas from Christine Leech. Requiring little more than paper, scissors, fabric and creative flair, the results are both easy to make and totally charming.

    Transfer Eggs

    Easter-DIY-Makes-CHRISTINE-LEECH-Homes-&-Gardens-transfer-eggsThere are plenty of websites to download free clip art. Try The Graphics Fairy for vintage Easter themed illustrations.

    To transfer them onto the eggs you need a special Lazertran paper (available online). This transfer paper can be used in various inkjet printers (check compatibility before you try!). Alternatively Bear Print will print out onto Lazertranpaper and post your images to you.

    You will need: Lazertran paper, eggs, scissors.

    1. Cut out your chosen image.

    2. Place in a bowl of lukewarm water for a minute or so till you see the backing paper coming away from the transfer.

    3. Carefully remove the transfer from the water and slide from the backing paper onto the egg. You can reposition the transfer to get it in the right position for several seconds till it sticks.

    4. If the transfer is large and curves around the egg, carefully cut small snips in the paper and overlap the image.

    5. Leave to dry.

    Stockist: Bear Print 118 High Street Porth Madog Gwyneth LL49 9NW, 01766 513920

    Letter tags

    Easter-DIY-Makes-CHRISTINE-LEECH-Homes-&-Gardens--letter-tagsThese oversize letter tags are a perfect finishing touch for the Easter hunt baskets.

    You will need: Thin patterned card, craft knife and cutting matt or scissors, ribbons, hole punch, sticky tape.

    1. Print out your chosen letters approximately 10 cm tall.

    2. Place a one of these letter printouts onto a piece of the patterned paper and tape in place.

    3. Use the craft knife or scissors to cut out the letter.

    4. Use the hole punch to make a hole in the top of the letter and thread some ribbon through for hanging.

    Papers from a selection at Paperchase

    Flower garland

    easter-garland-homes-&-gardensA beautiful garland of fabric flowers is a perfect Easter decoration. Individual flowers could also be used for serviette rings or place settings.

    You will need: pieces of silk or thin cotton fabric in different colours, plastic sheeting or tablecloth, scissors, pva glue, paintbrush, glue gun, ribbon for garland.

    1. To stiffen the silk. Lay the pieces of fabric flat onto the plastic sheeting. Make a mixture of 1/4 water and 3/4 pva glue then paint this mix onto the fabric. Leave to dry.

    2. When dry the fabric will be stiffer, making it easier to cut and also stops it fraying. Cut petal shapes from the different fabrics.

    3. Use a glue gun to glue the petals together to form flowers. Carefully curl and fold the petals at the edges so they look realistic.

    4. When you have made several flowers and leaves, glue them at intervals to the ribbon.

    Silk Fabric, from a selection at James Hare silks

    Marbled Eggs

    easter-eggs-marbleMarbling Easter eggs is simple and addictive. Pale or white duck eggs work best as the colours stand out more.

    To marble with food colouring you will need: Eggs, olive oil, food colouring, vinegar, medium sized bowl slightly deeper than an egg. Thin plastic gloves.

    1. Either blow or hard-boil your eggs.

    2. Fill the bowl with warm water and a teaspoon of vinegar. Then add your foodcolouring. You will need one or two teaspoons to get a good colour.

    3. For a marbled effect, place a tablespoon of olive oil into the coloured water.

    4. Swirl the water so the oil breaks up and then place the egg in the bowl. The marbling gets better the more eggs you do as the oil gradually breaks down and the patterns get more swirly.

    Glitter-dipped Eggs

    glitter-dipped-eggs-homes-&-gardensThis is quite a messy job so cover your working area in newsprint.

    You will need. Blown eggs, glitter, deep container or glass (slightly wider than the egg), pva glue, paintbrush, narrow ribbon. scissors

    1. Take one egg. Cut a length of ribbon approx 20cm long and tie a knot. Dip the knotted end of the ribbon into the pva glue and then push into the hole in the end of the egg and glue into place. leave to dry.

    2. Fill the container with the glitter.

    3. Holding the egg by the ribbon, use a paintbrush to cover the area for dipping with the pva glue.

    4. Dip the egg into the glitter, push it down till it the desired area is covered.

    5. Remove the egg and leave to dry by hanging up.

    6. When dry, tap egg to remove excess glitter.

    To make stripped eggs. Repeat step 1 – 2. Paint the egg with glue to your desired stripe height. Dip an egg till all the glue is covered in glitter. Leave to dry then paint another stripe of glue. Roll the egg in another colour of glitter, leave to dry again. Repeat till the egg is covered or you are happy with the pattern.

    Instructions Christine Leech

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