• The Grand Tour

    by  • April 26, 2015 • 0 Comments

    Taking inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of collecting beautiful artefacts and antiquities from travels to Europe, we show how to mix ancient and modern styles to great effect.

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    3 of the best decorative antiques fairs

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    Antiques-FairThere are some things that us Brits do exceptionally well and here at Homes & Gardens, we firmly believe that our nations antiques fairs are one of those things. There are plenty of exciting offerings to look forward to this year, both in London and further a field, with a selection of fairs and exhibitions that are sure to attract large crowds and international visitors.

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    Abigail Ahern launches new book Colour

    by  • April 22, 2015 • 1 Comment

    At the top of our reading list this week is Abigail Ahern’s brilliant new book Colour - a must read for those of us who fear using bold and vivid tones, choosing instead to stick to safer neutral schemes. Inside the book, the ever popular British designer and author shows us how to build our colour confidence by using paint, fabric and pattern to create the perfect palette to transform our homes.

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    Decorating ideas: soft powdery hues and pastel tones

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    Chalky, pastel tones have always been an attractive proposition for interiors, giving rise to delicate, light rooms that are easy to live in. Create a relaxed and grown-up scheme by pairing these powdery hues with bold accent colours or natural textures, or opt for impact and go all-out with one sugary shade. Have a look at our Pinterest board for more takes on this colourful trend. 

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    Decorating with Paisley

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    This wonderfully vivid droplet design originated in Persia, coming through to us via India in the form of shawls where the Scottish town of Paisley recreated them, hence the name, and has never quite left our design imagination. Its wildness is tempered by its refined design and this balance has meant we’ve found it a perfect pattern to liven up plain interior schemes for decades. It’s a very smart look, but as we’ve shown here, set with less formal elements is still a classic look that remains wonderfully easy to live with. Watch our video of Ali Brown, Associate Decorating Editor talk through her decorating ideas. 

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    4 recipes for spring garden lunches

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    There’s a definite moment in the British calendar, usually in early May, when spring stops being coy and bursts joyfully into summer, bringing an abundance of produce with her. What seasonal cook wouldn’t want to rush to the kitchen when faced with the greenest shoots, peas and beans, edible flowers in every hue and armfuls of soft, fragrant herbs? To celebrate, this month’s floral and herbal recipes are written with those first sunny, garden lunches in mind. Pick and choose as you wish, or make them all to really push the boat out for a lunch crowd.

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