• 3 of the best table linen companies

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    It is hard to think of a more evocative phrase in the domestic lexicon than the words ‘pure linen’. The very mention of this natural, flax-based fabric conjures up a catalogue of tantalising images. Draped across tables, crisp, fragrant and durable linen embodies our contemporary yearning for a more natural, organic type of luxury that is the antidote to a modern technologically-driven world.

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    Decorating in Italy – The H&G team visit Venice

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    Venice-Homes-&-Gardens-12The Homes & Gardens decorating team have just arrived back in the UK after a week spent on location in Venice – often described as the most beautiful city in the world. We can’t wait to see what stunning images our stylists Emma Thomas and Ali Brown have been working on, and if these gorgeous instagram photos that the team have taken are anything to go by, then we reckon we’re in for a treat!

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    The Grand Tour

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    Taking inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of collecting beautiful artefacts and antiquities from travels to Europe, we show how to mix ancient and modern styles to great effect.

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    3 of the best decorative antiques fairs

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    Antiques-FairThere are some things that us Brits do exceptionally well and here at Homes & Gardens, we firmly believe that our nations antiques fairs are one of those things. There are plenty of exciting offerings to look forward to this year, both in London and further a field, with a selection of fairs and exhibitions that are sure to attract large crowds and international visitors.

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    Abigail Ahern launches new book Colour

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    At the top of our reading list this week is Abigail Ahern’s brilliant new book Colour - a must read for those of us who fear using bold and vivid tones, choosing instead to stick to safer neutral schemes. Inside the book, the ever popular British designer and author shows us how to build our colour confidence by using paint, fabric and pattern to create the perfect palette to transform our homes.

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    Decorating ideas: soft powdery hues and pastel tones

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    Chalky, pastel tones have always been an attractive proposition for interiors, giving rise to delicate, light rooms that are easy to live in. Create a relaxed and grown-up scheme by pairing these powdery hues with bold accent colours or natural textures, or opt for impact and go all-out with one sugary shade. Have a look at our Pinterest board for more takes on this colourful trend. 

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