• Bright and cheery wallpapers and fabrics for children by Jane Churchill

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    Homes and Gardens Jane ChurchillUpdate your child’s bedroom in upbeat fashion with a charming new collection of children’s wallpapers and fabrics from Jane Churchill. Energetic patterns and colours, together with playful patterns, combine to create a look that little ones will love.

    And there’s a pattern or colour to fire all imaginations…

    Magic castles and dream dresses appear on furnishings with Fairyland, while wondrous beings from the natural world make their way into the home with Get Happy’s delicate butterflies, Into The Woods has foxes, rabbits and owls, and Wild Things exotic giraffes, flamingos and crocodiles.

    Homes and Gardens Jane Churchill 3

    The leaping bunnies of March Hare and colourful hounds of Hot Dogs offer contrast with their more stylised graphics of animal figures. Retro shapes bring Sixties charm in Pop Cars, echoed by the vibrant letters of Alphabetti, punchy flowers of Pinwheel, and sketched constellations of Shooting Stars.

    Stripes, polka dots and geometrics introduce abstract style with the artistic circles of Spotty Dotty, sweet stars of Twinkle, spotted spirals of Lottie, and fresh diagonals of Zodiac Stripe. Zig Zag is both playful enough for young children and stylish enough for soon-to-be grown-ups, as are the sprigs and seedpods of the pretty Flower Power.

    Homes and Gardens Jane Churchill 2These cheerful patterns are presented variously in delicate stitch-work as embroideries or with contemporary clarity as prints, set off by a classic plain weave, Lisson, which is the perfect counterpoint in lilac, red, blue or two pinks.

    Continuing the fun onto the walls, the new series of papers includes the forest characters of Up a Tree and a zippy Disco Stripe, along with a selection of the fabric collection’s lively new designs.

    You’ll find more great ideas to create your perfect room here.

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    Elegant new fabrics with a subtle geometric twist

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    Homes and Gardens FermoieTimeless and elegant, two new soft furnishing and curtain fabric designs from British fabric brand Fermoie celebrate artisanal techniques and a contemporary approach to pattern. In 16 colourways, Quantock and Chiltern are delicate hand-drawn geometrics, block-printed onto 100% linen (£96m, W134cm). The deceptively simple designs have real depth and laid-back sophistication.

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    Italian leather, the new wallpaper?

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    Studioart-Lumiere-Fard-and-Cool---Queen-bee-coolWould you consider leather-lined walls? This pretty wall surface caught our eye at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour recently. It is part of a new collection from Studioart, an Italian brand that specialises in upholstery and surface leathers. There is something so warm and wonderful about leather-tiled walls, we think. All of its leathers can be used for for cushions, for a simpler, less-committed statement.

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    Jobs to do in the garden this month

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    Homes and Gardens things to do in March March is the time to start sowing seeds for spring/summer flowering and in particular, in the vegetable garden. And this job is not confined to those with big outdoor spaces. Suttons Seeds has teamed up with self-confessed botany geek and garden designer James Wong to create Stacks Of Flavour. These easily portable and, as the name implies, stackable crates arrive complete with a collection of seeds, ready to be sown.

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    Elegant interiors, the Rowen & Wren way

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    Homes and Gardens Elegant 4Simply elegant is how we describe the new spring/summer interiors collection from Rowen & Wren. Its furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories always make a subtle, refined statement, marrying smart and natural (such as this Byron bench, above), and this season is no different. Materials range from tactile washed linen and burnished metal, to gleaming brass and playful patterns. The delicious, chalky palette sways from storm blue and blush pink to an array of neutrals, seen in Towan cushion covers, £28 each, and napkins, £32 for four.

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    Delicious lamb recipes for an Easter feast

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    Easter Lamb recipesLight, tender and flavourful, new season’s lamb is highly versatile and just as good pan-fried as grilled, griddled, roasted or baked. Quick to cook, and tasty for everyday, it can also ratchet up the glamour for a dinner party. Lamb often needs little more than seasoning and a dash of wine, stock, cider or water to deglaze the pan, but garlic, a few fruity accents, aromatic herbs or salty touches, such as anchovy, capers or bacon, work wonders too. A leg easily provides two to three meals, while cheaper shoulder, breast and shank all taste great slow-cooked and creatively seasoned. The good news is that traditional breeds are enjoying a revival owing to their hardiness and usefulness to the countryside. Savour hill country breeds or those that graze on seaweed or saltmarsh vegetation. You’ll be amazed by their textures and flavours.

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    A potato peeler sums up Scandinavian design beautifully

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    Scandinavian design potato peelerThis Pin potato peeler from Normann Copenhagen says everything we love about Scandinavian design. It’s simple, functional and well-considered. According to its designer, Jan Christian Delfs, the pleasure derived from preparing food starts with having great kitchen utensils – anything that makes peeling potatoes for a Sunday roast quicker and more enjoyable is okay by us.

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