• Decorating with Paisley

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    This wonderfully vivid droplet design originated in Persia, coming through to us via India in the form of shawls where the Scottish town of Paisley recreated them, hence the name, and has never quite left our design imagination. Its wildness is tempered by its refined design and this balance has meant we’ve found it a perfect pattern to liven up plain interior schemes for decades. It’s a very smart look, but as we’ve shown here, set with less formal elements is still a classic look that remains wonderfully easy to live with.

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    4 recipes for spring garden lunches

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    There’s a definite moment in the British calendar, usually in early May, when spring stops being coy and bursts joyfully into summer, bringing an abundance of produce with her. What seasonal cook wouldn’t want to rush to the kitchen when faced with the greenest shoots, peas and beans, edible flowers in every hue and armfuls of soft, fragrant herbs? To celebrate, this month’s floral and herbal recipes are written with those first sunny, garden lunches in mind. Pick and choose as you wish, or make them all to really push the boat out for a lunch crowd.

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    A classic en suite bathroom

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    Bookmatched marble and shrewd use of space give this opulent en suite bathroom an air of classic luxury. We spoke to the designers…

    This bathroom adjoins the main bedroom in one of the apartments within Cheyne Terrace, a prestigious new development in Chelsea that we worked on in collaboration with interior design studio Hudson & Mercer. All of the apartments are extremely high spec, with luxurious features, and naturally, these standards had to apply to the bathrooms as well.

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    New Nina Campbell furniture collection

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    Nina Campbell furnitureNina Campbell, the undisputed head girl of the British interior design world, has designed a collection of furniture based on pieces in her own collection. They are infinitely more than just slavish copies; pared to simple shapes and transformed with a striking range of colours that make them feel up-to-the-minute modern. They are the result of a collaboration with the brilliant US furniture brand Oomph, that creates a wide range of distinctive furniture, lighting and accessories that share the designer’s brilliant blend of classic and contemporary styling.

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